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One Take Media

Best Video Editing In New Britain, CT

A great story combined with great visual imagery can all be created to no avail if it is not placed together with great precision and detail. A great editor is crucial to any commercial, music video, movie it can take an idea of the footage and turn it into a seamless storyline. Editing is one of the most important stages in a video making process deciding which route the video will take and even portraying the emotion an audience will feel. For a business hiring an editor that can change a video and make it appeal to its demographic is ideal, not all videos are made the same, or attract the same audience.


Depending on the scale of production that is being hired an editor is in charge of many tasks compiling footage, choosing a soundtrack, sound designing, color correction, color grading and finally exporting the project for the right platform, making sure nothing will go wrong when the client uploads the video to their platform.


At One Take Media, our editors have the experience to determine what is the best route a video should take to portray the story in the best way possible. Proficient in their craft our editors have created their own tricks to be as efficient as possible and improving their turn around time without sacrificing any quality of the final product. One Take Media specializes in creating edits that captivate an audience with great visuals and movie-like storytelling, leaving the audience wanting more.


Our team of editors knows and has different styles of editing, well equipped to tackle any task thrown at them. From testimonial videos, explainer videos, promos, brand videos, commercials, weddings, music videos, short films our team more than capable of not only meeting your expectations but exceeding them raising the bar every time.

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