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One Take Media

Commercial Filming In New Britain, CT

Engagement & awareness are the two main focus points of a commercial video, while also having a multitude of ways on how to create and accomplish this style of video, the main goal for a commercial is to have a companies audience become more engaged with a specific product or service while being entertained with a captivating video. Here at One Take Media, we take the challenge on how to display your brand, service, and the company itself in the best way possible. This process starts by getting to know the companies brand, the product, and the intention the company has with said product.


After the initial understanding then comes the more entertaining part of the process which is creating the vision for the commercial itself and finding ways the product or service is shown best. A commercial video is a very powerful form to attract an audience, showing the best your service or product has to offer in a very short period of time. With emotion being a driving factor in most purchases made, use this to your companies advantage by creating a stunning one of a kind video that is both entertaining and fulfilling to the audience. A commercial is not just restricted to one platform, it can be used and portrayed anywhere your brand reaches, have it be shown as a tv commercial, social media ad, and placed on your website for new and recurring customers to see.


Generating Leads is a very hard task and converting those leads into sales even harder, a commercial-style edit with a good marketing plan behind it can increase the conversion rate rapidly. Filming a commercial video is no easy task, it requires a great amount of time, hard work, and collaboration between the hiring company as well as the production company. Our team at One Take Media not only embraces but also encourages help and collaboration between companies.

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