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Best Cinematographers In New Britain, CT

Cinematography is not just grabbing a camera and pressing the record button. Cinematography is an art form with well-planned movements and fine detail in every shot. The cinematography does not just include a camera and a lens, it is a mixture of many elements, involving all on-screen visual elements lighting, framing, composition, camera motion, camera angles, film selection, lens choices, depth of field, zoom, focus, color, exposure, and filtration.


Just like any other form of art, cinematography takes years and countless attempts to excel at. The team at One Take Media has taken the time and necessary practice that is required in order to be able and create stunning imagery. However, there is a difference between cinematography and videography. Videography is mainly a term reserved for someone who operates a video camera and can get a visually pleasing image.


As for cinematography, it's a term that is reserved more for films or commercials where the end goal is not just to have an image that is more cinematic in nature but have an image that can help and improve the story of the end product.


Here at One Take Media we understand not every situation is ideal when creating a high-quality video, from not having enough time, tight deadlines, hard-working actors, and many more moving parts needing attention, but our mission is to capture ours and the client's vision no matter the circumstances. From run and gun shooting where just the bare essential is needed to a big production with all the bells and whistle and everything in between our team at One Take Media has the past experience to be confident in any situation.


When wanting to get the most out of your story a simple video with good shots is not going to be enough, you need a cinematographer that will know exactly how and when to manipulate an image to create your story. 

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